Friday, February 24, 2006

a preview of more to come: Abe battles vile germ passed from Trey. Trey battles being 2. Abe and Trey battle each other over one of the hundreds of balls we have at our house. Mom battles near insanity while both are crying with snot pouring forth without abandon. Abe close to walking(takes mini-step and then falls forward). Trey getting slowly getting better after round of antibiotics. Mom edges back to normalcy and sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Kids edge back to their adorable non-sick selves.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Abe and I just got back from Chuck E Cheese a little while ago. Unfortunately, Trey's ears are plugged up(to the point where even the pediatrician reared back and said "eww! yeah, he's gonna need some antibiotics.") and it is overflowing out of his nose (and occasionally, his coughing mouth) so he wasn't able to go with us...I don't think he minded...he got to have a true sick day. You know, lounging on the couch, watching too much tv, whining...the works! A bunch of moms got together at the CEC today to you know, blah blah was fun, but I'm a little out of practice at serious girl talk. Sometimes it seems like sport....all the while the oblivious moms are chatting, the babies are swapping spitty cheerios and half-eaten pretzels(probably why they are always coming down with something).

As you can see from these pictures, we are getting alot of use out of this spiderman fold-out couch. Trey of course, never noticed the couch as much as now(because Abe noticed it, right?)and rarely does what he's doing in this picture. Abe is lounger supreme, though....he throws those arms back like he's gonna have a good sit-down with you.

The picture with the guitars was a little spur of the moment hootenany with mike, pop and Trey(actually Abe picked up a different guitar too at one point). They want to be in on the big kid stuff, too! Poor vegas looks like he's going to break out into a lonesome howl! This last picture was when we were pretending to fit in at "cracker country" at the Florida State fair. You can just see Trey pining to sit on that barrell someday. Kettle corn and a string band...ahhh, that's all a cracker needs...