Monday, April 03, 2006

Take a good look at that pitiful face. Have you ever seen the like? Unfortunately for him, that was only the tip of the iceberg; the view from the top; the calm before the onslaught of wretching. Shortly after this picture was taken on Sunday, we returned home from lunch to take some naps. He was crying some when we laid him down, which we should have realized was abnormal for him(he generally settles right in and enjoys his snoozes). After a little while, Mike went to check on him and he was so terrified by the sight that he roused me to come in there. Oh, I can't properly descibe to you, i'm sure(and you may be thanking your lucky stars) the situation we faced. Abe was a human island in a sea of once-food with the waves of chunks lapping around him. I have never seen such a revolting mess and my little child is sitting smack in the middle of it, with it covering every inch of his body(we're talking in his ears, people). He was shaking of course and weak and we were trying not to throw up ourselves. He is feeling somewhat better today, i think, but he is still not totally himself. However, he is actually starting to smile now. It's not like him to go a few minutes without smiling. It's also not like him to fall asleep with no prompting while you are holding him. Of course, we are just waiting for Trey to get it too(or ourselves...please no!!)
Don't you like their hats in this picture? Unfortunately, Abe looks like Wimpy(i think he's the one who eats all the hamburgers) from popeye and Trey's hat is actually a handcrafted slipper which he somehow manuvered onto his large cranium.

The next picture is a "yeti". Those are Mike's socks and Trey is "stomp! stomp! stomping" like Pablo from the backyardigans, saying "yetiyetiyetiyet-eeee!"

Lastly, I'd just like you to take a look what we've got Trey reading(if you click the pic, it will get bigger). Too bad I haven't even read that one, yet......ah, one day, I will read all of the classics.