Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Check out those molars!! Trey has got quite a set of teeth! Obviously, I will notice them all the more since, for me, each one is a little monument to an ever-common trial of parenting. Teething days. All of a sudden, my usually amiable toddler is whisked away and replaced by an unrelenting whine-box full of contradictory flailings in the supermarket and emotional highs and lows only experienced by pregnant women. And when they are done? back to the sweet, curious boy that has captured my heart.

Both of the boys are feeling better now, although I think we've discovered that Trey has a reaction to penicillin....rashes and fun indicators like that. In other daily events, I have begun the long process of weaning Abe...sneaking in one bottle during the afternoon every day. Sad to say, that he is not all embracing of the idea, but every day he seems to get a little more experienced with the bottle...poor little guy. I just keep saying to myself, "it's now or later". These days there are just so many firey hoops to jump through. Catch me when the boys are 12/13 or 17/18 and I'll probably think these days were a cake walk(you older parents are probably winking knowingly as you read this).

The pictures on here are of our trip North(why would we ever go south? swamps and alligators?). We had a really fun trip. First of all, the boys were precious cherubs during the car ride(which eliminates my primary stress of travelling). They either peacefully looked at a books or toys or went to sleep. Of course, Mike and I couldn't believe our good fortune....we get to talk? or listen to music? or sleep? or read? YES TO ALL! As you can see from all of these pictures, we stayed busy doing really fun, perfect fall weather-type things. We went to a park and played and rode a mini-train and a huge carosel(both the boys decided they wanted to be held mid-ride...why wouldn't they like going warp speed surrounded by creepy, flare-nosed horses and tusky, turn-of-the-century bobbing boars? I just don't know!??) Mike is reaching for his inner-child in one of the pictures(via metal sand-digging device). I don't remember ever having anything this cool at the playground when I was little! In this same historic park, there was a statue devoted to the Andy Griffith Show. Growing up loving this show(and having so many family members who did also), I had to get a bunch of pictures of it. Isn't the plaque great? Afterward, we went to this college-town burger place which was soooo delicious. Trey looks so old eating his big hamburger all by himself. Twas just yesterday, he was like Abe, all puree and no chunks.
Oh yeah, and the wedding was great too. I mean, it was beautiful and the food was good and the vows were meaningful. They both seem very in most freshly-married folks I know. Though those times where exciting, I really wouldn't want to trade those early days for the comfortable, lived-in(like your favorite pair of jeans) moments we have now.
Well, as usual, I'll end this blog to go get a restless Abe. We are off to meet some people at the mall to play today.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The babies snot is a sherbert/key lime pie-tinted green these days. We all trekked to the doctor yesterday and she informed me that they both have ear infections and Abe in particular has got a bit of a "rattle" when she put that freakishly cold stethoscope on his chest. So, now we are armed with some antibiotics. Initially, I just thought I was lucky enough to have them both teething at once...alas, only when the stars align perfectly am I blessed with such a treat! However, they both started getting coughs which isn't the normal fare for a teether. We leave go to NC for a wedding on Thursday when Mike gets home, so you know we are already starting to get our gear together (YEAH...sure we are.). Grandma and Granddad are going to meet us there and graciously be our babysitters while we go have a "grown-up" night. I just hope I can remember not to break into any kids songs and remember how to have an adult conversation. In Abe news, he responded to twinkle twinkle little star(there I go with the kid's songs) by raising up his arm yesterday. At first, I thought it was a fluke, but he kept doing it. Later, when I tried to do it, he acted like "i'm not a trained monkey, mother dearest!" and just grinned at me. It's the first time he's really mimicked something, I've done, so needless to say I was excited. Besides mouth sounds, Trey's first thing I really remember was saying "bye-bye". We were at thanksgiving in VA and he just started waving. It's so great that Abe's starting to be at that stage. Let the fun begin(or I guess I should say, continue).

Thursday, November 03, 2005

  1. So, there are a few things Trey is learning these days: walk around Abe instead of on him. Don't bite Abe (or mommy, or daddy, or vegas). Pat Abe's hair (versus braining him). Mostly, Trey is actually becoming sort of fond of his little protege. When I go to get him out of bed in the morning or after a nap, he asks "Ab-buhh? nap?" Whereas he used to just say, "AB", he now really tries to pronounce his name like he hears us saying it ..either that or he say "bruddey"(aka brother). Of course, along with this new attention to his sib, he gained a little kernel of jealousy. If I'm feeding Abe or showing him a toy, Trey just kind of appears from no where(kind of like that butler in "mr. deeds"....."very sneaky"). These pictures are from this last week. The hat that Trey is placing carefully on the horse is part of my know, the basic nose-attatched-to-the-glasses complete with mustache and huge brows costume that is probably the saddest excuse for a costume...I got the hat to make it a little more authentic. I don't know how long Trey had ridden in the car with that chocolate on his face before we noticed it. I gave him a bite of cookie(the kid would be able to sense sweets through a ziploc bag inside of a tupperware container in a big chest that was buried at the center of the earth...."cookie???????") and many miles later turned around to discover his "remnants".

    This spooky pumpkin is our contribution to the neighborhood halloween decorations. Mike and Trey had a good time carving it (Mike had the knife, Trey pulled the goo and seeds out). Trey was pulled in two directions...he loved getting his hands in the pumpkin, but he was a little grossed out at the same time....maybe we keep him too clean. You can never have too many pictures on here of little Abe on his belly. Tomorrow we are going to go to Pasco's annual flapjack festival. Every visitor gets a free flapjack and for my money you can't beat the bigger than life walking pancakes in the parade. If you are so inclined, check out the link(below) and see them for yourselves.