Wednesday, August 31, 2005

sweet tooth

  • Sometimes life is just too sweet. I was laying next to Abe this morning after I fed him and I was thinking just this. I could hear his sweet little breathing and smell his perfect rice-cereal warm smell and I just had to keep kissing his soft spiky head. I finally got up and took him to his bed where he promptly rolled to his side so that his little face could feel the softness of his blanket. It's times like these that I realize what all of the legendary baby-intoxication-talk is all about. The feeling that creates a warmth that I've experienced only a few other times. Then there are the times of extreme guilt. Like when I'm blowing a rasberry onto Abe's little belly and I look over in the distance and see Trey standing there with his "key"(a.k.a. blanket, blankey, comforter extrordinaire) with a jealous glazed over look...or when I'm dancing to this little car that makes nintendo-sounding songs with Trey(we turn it on and countdown from three...2...1...DANCE...and then we pretty much run in place) and I look at Abe all alone over on the floor by himself. I know that anyone who's had 2 kids has experienced this unjustified guilt. It just seems so unfair to them sometimes because they are babies and they should have all of the attention. I just hope that in later life, their friendship will more than make up for any jealousy or neglect they may have felt in their formative years. Ah, well. Abe has his 6 month(for those of you who can add, yes, it's a little less than a month late) checkup today. We will finally see how much this sensitive bundle weighs. Whatever it is, it always feels like 100 lbs. after holding him for 10 minutes. And then there's Trey...who feels like 200 lbs. after 5 minutes. How do I not look like a body builder already?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

strange dad

It is hot, hot hot! And on top of the sweltering days, we've got west nile mosquitos to chase us indoors. To make a long and detailed story bearable, it will suffice to say that we decided to hit the mall last night. A nice, air-conditioned play area would be just the ticket for a little boy who had been cooped up too long. When we get to the mall, Trey lets out squeals of delight and recognition of where we are and more importantly, what he's going to get to do...unfettered play!!! (well, sort of). The play area is great for him to climb because everything is that foamy, soft material. I guess the worst that could happen is being trampled by one of the older kids (who are way too old and large to be in there climbing and jumping without regard for the little munchkins...oh well, that's just my opinion, i guess). Anyhow, this time, instead of Trey just running full speed from one end to the next, he paused for a moment to look at a guy who looked curiously like his dad. The guy was around Mike's age with a shaved head and was there with his 2 little boys. The little light that lit in Trey's eyes was so sweet only to be replaced by the realization that, Yikes!, that's not my dad!!! He took it in stride, but kept checking on the guy from time to time..."yep, still not my dad...on to climb the turtle!" I remember an experience like this when I was little. We were at the checkout line in the grocery store and a woman with a jacket similar to my mom's and brown hair had her back to me. When I started to go and say "mom", she turned around....OH NO! I probably couldn't have felt or looked more terrified than if she was blowing fire from her nose. Where is the real mom? Her face looked distorted when I was expecting my mom's! I just wonder if any of those same feelings passed through Trey's little noggin. He seems to take things like that way easier than I did as a child. Speaking of him, he's starting to wake from his nap now. Thank goodness Mike will be home(instead of class) tonight. I know Trey missed him yesterday.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

more info

I forgot to mention that our camera has no way of getting power right now due to a lost charger (probably somewhere in Idaho). Once we get our new charger in the mail, there will be more picture posts. For now, we are going to have to settle for text. Also...we'd like to thank granddad for our very first post! How exciting!

usual sunday

Sunday's here. I can't believe the weekend is nearing the end. Another week to begin. Mike starts school tomorrow. I'm trying to brace myself for his absence on Monday and Thursday nights. I have to prepare myself mentally for the change after being so spoiled during the summer. That is the only downside...just when I'm used to his schedule of teaching, he's off for a summer and then I get used to having his help...then when I'm used to that, he's back on duty again. Oh well...if that's the worst it is, then we've got it pretty good. Trey had class today. He's learned to put his sweet pudgy toddler hands together and bow his head. When the prayer is done, he says "AHH-MIN". He loves the Bible songs and all the motions that they learn in class. His teacher right now is really good with them. She's got three boys, so she knows how to handle the chaos that comes from a room full of babies. I tried to put Abe in the seat last week and he got really wide-eyed and shaky-lipped...After a few seconds, his mouth turned into an "O" and he let out such a pathetic cry...Now, it could have been that he was ready for a nap...we'll try it again next week. After church, we went to the Brunchery for lunch, which was good except for the part when Trey flung his toy which knocked over a full glass of water onto which he said "UH-OH". It stinks to be the parent in those toddler moments...apologizing and feeling somewhat responsible while your some-what oblivious little one goes on to the next project (while people in the restarunt stare). Most of the time, I'm as oblivious to the stares as Trey is. It's a much better way to live. In your own family bubble. All right. Well, i'm off to wish that it was starting to feel like fall here and make some hot chocolate.

Friday, August 26, 2005

lazy friday

It's friday night and the babies are in bed. We are loafing on the couch watching any tidbit of anything interesting on TV....not too much luck. I guess friday night is usually pretty lame-0. At least the house is sort of clean. Well, Abe's haveing a little trouble again tonight, so I'm off to feed him. More later.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My First Blog

This is my first post on our very own blog. How exciting!!
Trey and Abe are sleeping right now. Well, kind of. I just heard Trey Text Colorrustling upstairs.
I think Abe is teething now. His shirt was saturated with saliva at church last night and he had a little trouble sleeping. Poor little dear. No one can look quite as pathetic as he can when there is trouble on the horizon. On a good note, he's been downing his bananas and apples like a champ. I guess he will like food about as much as his parents. Sad for him.
Trey's interests are so funny. Of course he loves his "baaawl" and his "batttt" and "gegas". He is just so inquisitive. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with what new thing he is trying to figure out. By the time I realize what he is trying to get, he's moved on..."hurry up, mom"!!! He actually tried to pick me up out of the chair yesterday so that I would get an unreachable object for him. When he wanted milk yesterday, he went to the fridge and tried to pull it open and then just looked at me with his hand out and questioned, "milk?". It's just irresistable to me of course...and amazing. We are trying to get all these little things on film, but he gets a little camera obsessed when we pull the thing out.
Well, I will write more later when I think of more things to share . I hear Trey asking where Nonna is("Where Nonna go?"), so I'd better go rescue him from is naptrap.