Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'll try it again

Mostly just to try and remember the things that we will forget later....
Abe's goofy sayings...."I don't want a chimer" which is really a "shiner". He ran into something today and bonked his eye...while he was crying, i was trying to make him feel better and i offered, "oooh, maybe you'll get a really cool tough looking shiner on your know, a black eye!" This must have terrified him because later in the car he said, "I don't want a black eye, I JUST WANT MY BROWN EYE BACK!"

Another funny one from him was the "Cord house". We live on main street, right down the road from the court house. I guess my computer and it's accessories have made an impression on him because he mentioned that we could go get a new cord for it at the "cord house".

It kills Trey when Abe ignores him. Tonight in the car, he was inconsolable because Abe had him hands over his ears...."ABE! ABE". And of course, Mike and I are saying, "just ignore him ignoring you!" How ridiculous can these times feel.
Also ridiculous is arguing over pudding. You know that your child is mega-tired when the prospect of not having pudding and basically turn him into pudding. Pudding is a goofy word, especially when people say it without the "g"(which we are guilty of).

Toy Store hilarity. So we go to the toy store last night at the mall...a harrowing experience for parents of the world. I tell the boys, "If we go in here, are not getting ANYTHING. We are only going in to kill time and look around". They made peace with this, amazingly so, even if the over stimulus of the place was turning them into crazed monkeys(What is with toy stores! Especially we really need EXTRA mirrors on the ceilings to reinforce the madness of all of those bright, obnoxious toys!). However, Mike met us there after the proclomation and had no knowledge of my iron fisted resolve. Being the sucker for toys that he is, he told them they could get one thing. Trey marches up to me and boasts,"Sorry, mama. Daddy said we could get one thing." I conceded. Sometimes it feels too good to be on the benevolent end of the broken deal, instead of the one who has to explain the entire way back to the car(amidst complete disappointment), " I said nothing and I meant nothing, regardless of what Daddy said." You should have seen them trying to figure out what to get. Their eyes were huge, their pulses were no doubt racing. Indecision here, weighing the options there. Super heros, Power Rangers, Transformers, Handcuffs.....huh, handcuffs? Yeah. Handcuffs. That is what Trey chose. A little set of keys and all. We all took turns looking pretty strange in the mall...cuffed to the 4 year old. And what was the first thing that Trey told the director of the preschool Mrs. Becca today? "We've got handcuffs at home!" AWKWARD!
Abe chose Iron Man and proceeded to do his impression of any super hero which is to crouch really low and slanted(think spider man)from one end of the mall to the other. There is also alot of ninja-style jumping involved. Speaking of super moves...Their repertoire includes webbing each other, shooting their buzz lightyear laser, flying like batman, stretching like elastigirl, running like dash and many many more.

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