Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The new comic book and Lucy balancing

The other day, I decided to channel my kids inner superhero and create our own comic book.  They are constantly creating a whirlwind of characters and physically embodying the men(and sometimes women) of heroic substance, however this usually creates a mess of epic proportions.  We had a great time as they dictated every aspect of the particulars and then colored them(using the only markers we could find...thus our limited pallate).  This first picture is the "advertisements" on the back page(as Trey requested).  Next is the self-explanatory "Strong Man"  The next is a sort of tribute to two-face with "Both All of Things Man".  The next is granddad as the "Flying Tractor"(take note that he flies in a bubble made from Bubble Man).  The next is "Invisible Grandma".  If you look closely you see her eyes here and there, but the rest of her remains invisible.  No story would be complete without "Dragon Man" breathing fire or "Volcano Man" spewing lava.  Then there's the lesser known "nonna who can go through anything"(though nonna wasn't thrilled with the manly rendering of herself :).  Then Lucy stars as "water girl" harnessing the power of H2O.   Lastly, Trey and Abe play Bubble Man and Laserbeam, respectively.  Our next installment will probably actually have them doing something productive :)
The next picture is of the boys on the porch creating a "boobytrap".
The last few pictures of the little girl close to crawling.  I can't believe she is so old!
Hope you all enjoy this post!


Anonymous said...

I wonder, if water girl hugged dragon, would she put out his fire?

Does bubble man like straws?

I think this was the best comic book I have ever read! I especiallly liked the flying green tractor. I would like to ride the flying tractor to come see the authors of this great literary work.

I am excited to think about seeing Trey, Abe, and little girl in Savanah. We will have a great time.

Hugs and kisses from Granddad...

Tyler, Kara and Carson said...

you are such a cool mom!