Saturday, September 06, 2008

We've got some spies roaming our house these days.  We looked up spies on the computer last night to get a good idea of what they look know, since they are so secretive and all, it's hard to tell.  Trey found all of the necessary items to perfect his incognito persona and then we proceeded to tell secrets and search for bugged plants.  These pictures kindof come off as more little rascals than world-travelling undercover, but they had a good time.  
The last picture is of Lucy finding her way under the table.  The girl is very motivated when she wants to get somewhere.  She will drag herself by her elbows, occasionally sitting herself up to assess the situation.  It is just too cute.  I guess the time to babyproof is at hand(or probably should have been done a month ago :)


Bachelor Paul said...
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Uncle Joel and Aunt Suze said...

It' about time you updated this blog! I love the new pictures! I sure hope the boys are enjoying school. Is Mike? How's Lucy enjoying some alone time with mom when the boys are gone to school? How's mom holding up with a bit of quiet time during the week??? Keeping up with soap operas and eating bon bons, right? NOT. Ha! Sure miss you guys! Hug all those little rascals and that big one too! I love all my favorite relatives in Florida!! Aunt Suze