Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello Again, Randomly

I realize that I never actually finished Savannah part dos. Sorry bout that. Time has this funny way of pushing on and I have this funny way of getting
swept up in it
and forgetting to document! Here are a few shots so that I can feel better about myself :) Please excuse the jumbled and random nature of these pictures. I've forgotten all sense of blogging(and grammar and probably spelling). Thanks!
Tiny explanation of pics: School pics(why did I choose purple jewel-tone for Trey's background??). Disney family pic(didn't realize when I uploaded it that Lu has her finger in her nose...). Milton the monkey came home from school with us. The boys are very territorial about their room these days(usually I force them to let their baby sister come in). Lucy LOVES taking care of her baby. Abe shares the many faces of superman. Finally, I added an old(but cute) shot of Abe in our old house in Virginia.

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